Thankful for family

It’s the time of year to be reflective.  I am very thankful for family.   My Mom and Daddy are both in heaven.  I miss them both.  I am thankful for the way they chose me when I was a baby, and raised me as if I was their own blood.  They taught me to be respectful of others and to be polite.  They taught me many other things too and because of them, I valued education and worked on self-improvement.  I was taught to love God and live a good life.  Have I always been perfect?  No. Completely no.  But always have come back to the basics I was taught.

Recently I got my DNA tested and in very quick order, my biological family found me.  I am thankful for that. My biological parents have also deceased.  Due to unfortunate circumstances in their lives, I was removed from them, but the remaining family, I discovered, had always worried about me and hoped to someday find me.

Now I have my very large and extensive family that I grew up with (I was an only child, but had many cousins) and also have a large biological family.  I am blessed to have both families in my life now.  I will spend the remainder of my life, however long that might be – presumably 20 years or so more – getting to know them better and also letting my Blocksom/Bittleston families know how much I love and appreciate them.

I also have in-laws that I appreciate and love very much from my first marriage and from my sweet Jim’s family.

And I have my Toastmaster family, my church family, and many others in my life that mean a lot to me.

Family is a precious thing